Literature from the Low Countries

Collects all articles about literature from the Low Countries Yearbook

The Low Countries – Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands is an English-language yearbook on the culture of the Low Countries. It covers literature, the arts, general societal issues and relations between the English and Dutch-speaking worlds. A very attractive book that showcases the diversity and vitality of Flemish and Dutch culture to the rest of the world. Find out more about the yearbook here.

For the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 the publisher of the yearbook, the Flemish-Dutch institution Ons Erfdeel, embarked on an ambitious new project. Not only does the 24th edition (published in April 2016) have present-day Dutch-language literature as its central theme, all articles about Flemish and Dutch authors featured in the previous 23 editions of the yearbook are now assembled on this website. Over 400 texts on the best-known, most interesting writers of Flanders and the Netherlands, but also on promising young talents. Feel free to browse!

Bron: Literature from the Low Countries

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